Scenery update!

I’ve been working on a few different scenery pieces recently, in an attempt to get a beautiful looking board to play over. Here is some of the progress:

Dreadclaw assault!

So I’ve been experimenting with using an airbrush recently and I’ve gotta say I’m really enjoying for the most part! I’m not enjoying the cleaning part of it, and it can be frustrating when there’s a blockage or your paint isn’t the right consistency, but that’s more than made up for when the paint goes […]

Reanimation Protocol initiated

Well its certainly been while since I last posted. Time does fly when you’re having fun. Here’s to a new start in any case, and a Canoptek Reanimator conversion to give things a bump!

Rogue Trader era

Got a few Copplestone and Olley sculpted guardsmen and aim to use them as NPC characters in Necromunda or Inq28 skirmish games

Fogou Models

As I’m always on the lookout for cool terrain this is from Fogou Models. A cool shanty block house and one of several I had for Christmas 2018. First models to be painted in 2019

We’re live!

I say we, I mean me. Hopefully I should be able to get a couple of friends to start contributing to keep this site alive. This is going to be a place where we post and upload our various warhammer flavoured hobbying. It will cover everything that Games Workshop sell, and possibly any other games/miniatures […]