4. Enemy at the Gates

Admiral Du’Hoc gazed through the bridge viewport. The chaos scum had fallen for the trap but it had cost his reinforcement fleet dear. Even now half a dozen plasma drive overloaded hulks were drifting into the outer system. Two of those Gothic cruisers ,a loss the segmentum fleet would take decades to recover from. Snapping out of this gloomy reverie he called his first officer over. “Have the astropath message the planet and inform them reinforcements are on route and to hold a while longer. Hail the troop ships and prepare for a full scale landing!”

General Garen looked out over the ships hold. Savlar troops checking equipment and doing last minute drills. Thieves,murderers and lowlife scum from that penal world, but since his company losses during the 3rd war of Armageddon and its amalgamation with the savlar 16th they had proven themselves a thousand fold. It was just damned annoying they would steal anything not nailed down.

Altis inspected his assembled men and smiled, wondering how long before the reinforcements that had mauled his fleet would make planet fall. He should be furious, and when he’d first heard of the trap the imperial had sprung he was. Altis had cursed the fool captain that had chased such an obvious quarry down the rabbit hole. But no matter, enough ships had successfully disengaged to still cover the planet and his plans, the Imperium’s precious reinforcements would have to land outside the city and this had only added a delicious twist to what was about to happen….

Battle 6: Enemy at the Gates, part 1. 2k points each side

The Imperial defenders must hold the line until reinforcements arrive, deployment is as below, 500pts reserves minimum for defenders, arriving behind the attackers. All other rules as normal. Turn limit is variable. Traitors take first turn unless defenders steal initiative.

Attackers must eliminate all enemy units within defender’s deployment zone by game end to win, otherwise they lose.

Battle 7: Enemy at the Gates, part 2, 2k points each side

While the main gate is attacked, the traitors have also attacked another point of the city’s defences. Random game length and reserves as normal. Same victory conditions apply. Reserves come from players own table edge. In addition. Any models present in the first game may NOT take part in the second game. Eg. If traitors select a heldrake in both games then two different heldrake models must be used, afterall, they cannot be in two places at once!
Table deployment as below. Traitors take first turn unless defenders steal initiative.