The Imperium strikes back

Unable to travel in the sea of souls for long in the ravaged ship, with its Lord left for dead at the hands of the grey knights, the magos directs the remaining crew to sail for the nearest chaos controlled system, a small outpost planet unknown by the imperium to be inhabited, a week out of the original system.

Its held by a small warband of black legion, used to monitor astropathic telemetry and report back. Exposing this outpost to the tailing imperial ship will undoubtedly cause its impending doom, but should provide enough time and shelter to affect repairs and escape. During transit the magos entombs Altis within a dreadnought sarcophagus, though the transformation isn’t without its costs.

Meanwhile the heroic imperial ships have followed the traitors to the system and sent word back for reinforcements. Planetary defences have proved resistant to the ships orbital might, and so a blockade has been formed to prevent escape whilst they wait for the might of the imperium.

The hereks revenge lies in anchor in low orbit, trying to make repairs and formulate their next move with time rapidly running short. In a bid to launch a strike against the traitors, Massen has sent a number of kill teams to infiltrate the defences and sabotage key systems, with units ready to launch an assault the moment the defences are down.