1. Enough is Enough

Massen didn’t like it. For a while now something hadn’t sat right. His patrols were coming back with wagons empty, the usual miscreants that spent a night in lockup absent. He supposed he should be thankful but he couldn’t help wondering what had become of the? The city’s mood had turned dark of late, mutterings from his officers about the divine right, a new imperial cult, had them worried. Not that religious cults were anything new, but this one seemed to focus on the coming end and how the divine one would save them. Many of the miners that came to unload their stock weren’t sticking around, quickly finishing up their trade and heading back out.

There was talk of gatherings out in the hills, up near the defence batteries. They had been going on for weeks, but each time a scouting force had been sent out there was nothing to be found. The sentry guns had never recorded anything untoward but all the same Massen felt as though he were missing something. He’d eventually decided to station a team up there to keep an eye out.

‘Sir?’ Corporal Hicks broke his thoughts and Massen turned to the guardsman. ‘What is it corporal?’. ‘Team Delta has just checked in, they’ve reported something or someone out in the hills, but so far have turned up nothing. They’re requesting reinforcements so they can secure the perimeter and comb the area’

‘I’ve had enough of this!’ growled Massen ‘It’s about time we found out what’s been happening around here. Corporal, tell team Delta request granted, wake up 06:00 shift and get them to man the stations here, everyone else is to pack up and follow me up to the hills. I’ll not be treated like a blind fool any longer!’

Battle 1: Ambush at the Defence battery. 1000 points each side

Force selection:
Attackers cannot use any heavy support options, both mandatory troops choices must be cultists/miltia.
Defenders HQ/Warlord and one mandatory troop choice must start the game in reserve in valid transport options.

Altis glowered impatiently and waited for the vox feed to chime to signal that squad Bacchus was in position to begin the attack. He hated the subterfuge and would have much preferred to take this world by force. However he was not foolish enough to ignore that the inhabitants of this pathetic planet would have called for aid immediately, and they needed to crush this world quickly.

‘My Lord, when do we attack? The men are growing wary of being discovered before we have sprung the trap’

Altis’ hand shot out like a coiled spring and wrapped around the neck of the man who dared address him. ‘Insolent worm! You think your life has worth enough to question me?’ He quickly crushed the man’s throat and tossed his limp body to the ground. At that moment, his vox chimed, Bacchus was ready.

‘Tantalus! We attack’…

Battle 2: Disrupt communications/Scouting for chaos 500pts

If Chaos won the first battle then they are the attacker in battle 2 as they attempt to infiltrate and disrupt the the comms relay. If Imperial Guard won then they routed the chaos force and they are scouting to find the enemy HQ and are the attacker.
This game uses Zone Mortalis rules and is an assault mission. If chaos is the attacker then play Sabotage, if Imperial Guard are the attacker play search and destroy.

Battle 3: Planetary Assault/Surprise Attack 2000pts.

If Chaos won the first battle then they now attempt to land reinforcements onto the planet, if they also won the second battle then Imperial ships are unable to raise the planet and are not able to call for aid, leaving them -500pts. Play planetary assault, Chaos attacker
If Imperial Guard won the first battle then they have been alerted to chaos present within the system and have detected ships hiding in the outer system. If they also won the second battle then reinforcements have been dispatched, giving them +500pts play Surprise attack, Imperial Guard attacker.