The Schindelgheist Vault

Abaddon has launched another Black Crusade into the heart of the Imperium. Hand picked by The Warmaster, Dominatus Fulgor Corde is to lead a surgical strike on Schindelgheist.

File:Lysades Map.jpg

Schindelgheist is an Imperial Civilised World where the greatest battle of the Gothic War was fought in 160.M41. It is located in the Sub-sector Lysades of the Gothic Sector in the Segmentum Obscurus.

Stationed in the system is a Blackstone Fortress, but this is not Corde’s target. While the Black Crusade causes death and destruction, his mission is to secure a vault on the planet itself. Contained within it is a prize the Warmaster desires highly. For buried since the Age of Strife and only now has it been re-discovered by Imperial Tech-archaeologists.
The Men of Iron will once again march forth…………

The Imperial Garrison on Schindelgheist is commanded by Lord General Heisen. Stationed there are units of the 172/63 Armageddon Steel Legion and Savlar amalgamated units. Plus armour belonging to the Neinmargen 77th. A small Blood Angels contingent is also currently stationed there.

Dominatus Fulgor Corde, to use his full title, had been a sergeant of the 1st company Luna Wolves when he’d first met Abaddon. Of course he was just Fulgor then, a large brute of a man that had won his place in the 1st after leading his squad into heavy fire and flushing out a well defended xenos stronghold, despite being heavily injured in the process. Abaddon had visited him personally in the medicae afterwards and congratulated him on a fine job, and awarded him a place in the vaunted elite, along with a finely detailed suit of cataphractii armour. Fulgor looked down at that same suit he still wore after all these millennia, recalling the ancient memory with a warm glow of pride.